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This is a community devoted to the RolePlaying setting of Erstwhile Nekojin University. Erstwhile is a private university with a strict dress code, lavish dorms, much shoujo and shonen ai, and various other things to make it one of those tenchi and love hina-esque type places. Need more info? Contact CarrionMuse on AIM.

Characters Welcome to the RP:
Anyone willing to play a nonmagical (magical characters may be allowed later...) nekojin student or teacher. Character must be 18 or above. Player must be 18 or above. Sorry.

Addendum: Magical characters will be allowed, within reason. As in, noone can come into the university with OMGMAGICALGODLINESSBOWBEFOREME!!!!1 powers and will more than likely be only somewhat acclimated to their powers. Exceptions will be made but only very rarely and with a good good good explaination. Note that the university does not allow use of magic outside of the dorm rooms themselves or in a magical based class, and anyone caught doing this orterrorizing their roommate with magic will be in big IC trouble. Play with the additional note that magic using characters will more than likely only be here because they weren't good enough to get into a magical-centric college, and limit their powers accordingly. I.E. no your character cannot summon storms from the heavens, do a death touch, or have head-explodey-powers.

Other information will be provided within the community.

This community is to be used for role play threads and posting information on characters.

Erstwhile Information:

A private university with lavish dorms and the best instructors.

The dorms: Two types of dorms exist for girls and boys. The first type is a typical roommate arrangement, one room with two beds and various furniture, with a small private bath and a larger bathroom on the floor. The second is a five roommate appartment type deal. This comes with a kitchen/living area, two bedrooms (one with three beds, one with two and a window seat), three halfbaths, and a large bathing room with showers, steam closet, and whirlpool tub.

Da Rulez:
1)No excessive para posting. If a description is necessary, fine, but this is an RP, even though in bulletin board format. People sometimes don't want to read a novel to get to make their posts. They are also more likely to skip something important that will result in flaming later. Likewise, one word and half line posts are discouraged. Sorry, but you can think of something better than that. Keep it to one paragraph. Ahem, that means, for those out here who are used to online, somewhere between four lines (not sentences) and around ten to twelve.

2)No spamming, flaming, racism, illegality, stuff that will get the maintainers in trouble, trolling, or using this as a platform for your personal politics. You have been warned.

3)Courses for the student characters will consist of things offered at most universities, with the adition of Alchemy, Elemental Control, Neko Studies, and Neko History.

4)Fighting will be done on a turn based system. No disabling science, sorry. Magic used must be within the realms of elemental, simple telekenetics, or alchemy. For serious fights, you may ask a mod to referee for you, but be aware, that mod/maintainers decisions will be the final word. Anyone wanting to do speed based, take it to IMs and come back and just post the results in a summary post.

5) You do not have to make a seperate account for your character. However, if you do, please remember to check for updates and posts often.

6)All new players must have a character profile and provide some way to contact them to the mods. Character profile should include the character's name, gender, age, status (teacher, employee, student), any quirks, a brief physical description, and a list of roommates. You may edit your character profile as needed, just put in an OOC post in the current thread indicating you did so.

7)Keep the In Character threads as in character as possible, except in the case of a profile update notice. If you have something out of character to say, use an OOC thread, or, in case of some emergency notification, start a new thread. Note that OOC threads may be periodically cleansed if they begin to cause clutter. Thank you!

8)Although this is an adult only community, sexual posts are not allowed. Sorry. Try to keep it pg-13 rated. While there may be bathing scenes or implied stuffs, no sex here. If you absolutely must needs do so, please take it to IMs and DO NOT TELL ME!

9)If you make a post about a building/part of campus that has not been mentioned, please be sure to tag it with Newbuilding, k?

10)Use Tags!Tags for the community members to use: OOC, Question, Newbuilding, Newclass, class, coffee shop, campus grounds, love, fight, hate, dorm room, comedy, heylookitme

11) Please please please lable all posts with dates and times in the RP world, not your own world. Consider that if the last post in a section was dated on a thursday at four in the afternoon, then the next one in sequence would not likely be on the next monday.

12) We understand that you are going to RP these characters in other places, more than likely. If you do, at least bring back a summary post, or just AU it. For tK players, there is an Erstwhile RP going on there. Things that happen there should be considered postable as summary here or just borne in mind.

13)Read the FAQs.


Q: Does my character have to be gay?
A: No, of course not. That would be silly. And Baker would scream.

Q: What if my character doesn't want to wear the uniform?
A: That is an IC choice and may cause copious drama, but is up to you. Not that uniforms are only required for school functions and classes. Other times, regular clothing is perfectly allowed.

Q: What if I have a question not on this list?
A: Make a post about it or leave it on one of the intro posts. Make sure you mark it as "You Make My Head Hurt" so that I knnow what it is.

Q: do we hav to use gud gramer?
A: Is that a serious question? While I do not mind occasional typos (Goddess knows I make enough) or artistic liberty, do not slay, defile, and bury the English language in a shallow grave. Consider this a warning.

Q: Wait, I have to post in English?
A: *headslap* Please? I don't speak other languages, except for knowing how to say hello and ask where the bathroom is in French.

Q: So, are you one of those catgirls? or: Are you one of those otaku wannabes?
A: Ew, I resent the implication. I've liked catgirls since far before anime ever became popular. I resent the fact that I should have to change what I like just because someone has made it popular and massively corrupted it.

Q: So why the shonen/shoujo-ai?
A: Because it is fine if done right, doing so here keeps it off of other forums by giving an outlet, and people would do it even if I said not to. ^w^

Q: Where else is Erstwhile?
A: Currently on tK, but possibly spreading to other places. We need to get membership up first.

Q: What if I am going to be gone for a while and am in the middle of a long RP session on here?
A: Excuse your character somehow if at all possible.

Q: I just want to watch at first.
A: That is not a question, but is perfectly okay. Watch as long as you need to.

Q: Can I use any of these characters for my own personal story?
A: Not without the permission of whoever's character it is in writing and through some form of communication other than here.

Q: May I write stories based at Erstwhile?
A: This RP is an ongoing story, so you could... so long as you have everyone's permission who is to be involved and you categorize it as fan fiction. Do you really wanna go through that much trouble?

Q: Can I play my favorite kitty character from such and such series?
A: Absolutely not! This will result in banning. OCs only.

That is about it, more will be added as asked.


Possibly restarting the RP here completely, since the only two posts never went anywhere.

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