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Erstwhile University

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Posting threads Jan. 31st, 2006 @ 06:37 pm
This is to be the beginning of the first set of RP threads in Erstwhile. To post to a thread, simply reply to the previous action. To start a new thread, simply post a new comment. It is that simple. Each set of threads (i.e. original post and threads following) will flow in the same time period. Each thread should involve a seperate general location, such as the dorms or the coffee shop. If the characters switch locations, they should either move to the pertinant thread or make a new one. Note that even though many characters may hang out in a certain dorm, they will often be in seperate parts and not interacting. Please be sure to skim all active threads before starting a new one to see if someone is already in the place you wish to be.

Each thread name should contain the following information: Location, day/time, and character that the user is posting as. Each continuation of that thread should have, in the name, the character posting and any significant time updates. For example, to start a new thread using Baker, I would type in the subject line "Coffee Shop, Thursday, Evening, Baker" Again, simple. If you have any questions, post them as a new comment thread with the subject header "You Make My Head Hurt". Thanks! Now just click on read comments to see where we all are!
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Uniforms Jan. 31st, 2006 @ 06:34 pm
The Erstwhile University uniforms consist of the following:

For boys: Black pants, black dress shirts, dark red blazers/jackets, a gold tie. Black socks and shoes.

For girls: Black skirt or pants, a white or grey shirt, gold tie or cravatte, dark red blazer or jacket, white socks, black shoes.

Uniforms must be worn for all classes and class related activities.

Character Profiles Jan. 10th, 2006 @ 04:34 pm
Alright, the time you have all been waiting for. I told you I would make the thread, here it is. Character Profiles go here! Please make a seperate profile for each character you wish to use, and limit it to three characters.

Here is what is mandatory to include. You can add other things if you so wish.

Year in college:
Hair color:
Eye color:
Special marks or tattoos:

That is about it. Hope you enjoy!

Allo all Jan. 3rd, 2006 @ 09:18 am
Hello to anyone wishing to join this community. This community is known as the Erstwhile Nekojin University. To RP in this community, you are required to have a student, worker, or teacher character of the University, all of the nekojin/nekomimi race.

Da Rulez:
1)No excessive para posting. If a description is necessary, fine, but this is an RP, even though in bulletin board format. People sometimes don't want to read a novel to get to make there posts. They are also more likely to skip something important that will result in flaming later. Likewise, one word and half line posts are discouraged.

2)No spamming, flaming, racism, illegality, stuff that will get the maintainers in trouble, trolling, or using this as a platform for your personal politics. You have been warned.

3)Courses for the student characters will consist of things offered at most universities, with the adition of Alchemy, Elemental Control, Neko Studies, and Neko History.

4)Fighting will be done on a turn based system. No disabling science, sorry. Magic used must be within the realms of elemental, simple telekenetics, or alchemy. For serious fights, you may ask a mod to referee for you, but be aware, that mod/maintainers decisions will be the final word.

5) You do not have to make a seperate account for your character. However, if you do, please remember to check for updates and posts often.

6)All new players must have a character profile and provide some way to contact them to the mods. Character profile should include the character's name, gender, age, status (teacher, employee, student), any quirks, a brief physical description, and a list of roommates. You may edit your character profile as needed, just put in an OOC post in the current thread indicating you did so.

7)Keep the In Character threads as in character as possible, except in the case of a profile update notice. If you have something out of character to say, use an OOC thread, or, in case of some emergency notification, start a new thread. Note that OOC threads may be periodically cleansed if they begin to cause clutter. Thank you!

I'm sure there will be modifications to this later.
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