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Previous Entry Posting threads Jan. 31st, 2006 @ 06:37 pm
This is to be the beginning of the first set of RP threads in Erstwhile. To post to a thread, simply reply to the previous action. To start a new thread, simply post a new comment. It is that simple. Each set of threads (i.e. original post and threads following) will flow in the same time period. Each thread should involve a seperate general location, such as the dorms or the coffee shop. If the characters switch locations, they should either move to the pertinant thread or make a new one. Note that even though many characters may hang out in a certain dorm, they will often be in seperate parts and not interacting. Please be sure to skim all active threads before starting a new one to see if someone is already in the place you wish to be.

Each thread name should contain the following information: Location, day/time, and character that the user is posting as. Each continuation of that thread should have, in the name, the character posting and any significant time updates. For example, to start a new thread using Baker, I would type in the subject line "Coffee Shop, Thursday, Evening, Baker" Again, simple. If you have any questions, post them as a new comment thread with the subject header "You Make My Head Hurt". Thanks! Now just click on read comments to see where we all are!
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